Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome to Madrid, Folks.

Hi From Madrid, Spain

Boy did I not want to come here! I dragged my lucky feet to another country after leaving Ghana and really, really did not want to leave my Ghana family to go off on my own... but wait, it was clearly a great decision. I wanted to stay forever in Ghana with the people there and the people from NYU--- there is so much more to learn and see but trust... I will be back soon. 

So Madrid was cool--- really cool and if I had not just come off the independant trip of a lifetime I would not have been able to enjoy it the way I did, or who knows maybe that is a total lie. 


Madrid was beautiful--- and completely different form Ghana, obviously. The richness of history and beauty is breathtaking. I explored, met tons of people, talked to everyone I could and wandered. In Ghana I reconnected with my innate ability to talk to and connect with almost anyone. I am not scared of strangers and think I have a pretty solid gut that steers me in the right direction, so I was not scared of danger and thus, I never was in any of it. 

I shared my experience in Ghana with the people I met over there and I loved talking and engaging with other people who were just traveling. It was amazing to me how many people were just there--- living, working, dreaming. I did not realize how many people pick up their lives and decide to just go--- move away to study or teach or work--- to change it up and stretch themselves to explore the world in the larger sense... It was pretty cool. I want to pick up and go too.. but let me finish my master's degree first. 

Places I visited include: 

I also went to the Blind Museum of Madrid.....which I loved... especially coming off of my trip in Ghana studying disabilities in a global context. 

What is the Madrid Blind Museum?:

The Madrid Blind Museum is both for and about the blind.

In What Way is the Madrid Blind Museum for the Blind?:

The Madrid Blind Museum presents exhibits that are specially designed for the blind. This includes a number of touchable miniature world heritage sites for the visually impaired to experience what the rest of us take for granted.

In What Way is the Madrid Blind Museum About the Blind?:

There are also exhibits that showcase the history of the blind and the apparatus they have used through the ages to make their lives easier.

How Much is Entry to the Madrid Blind Museum?:

It's free!

All in All the trip was amazing... and SHORT!!!!! I packed in as much as I could and saw lots of things and met lots of people. It was wonderful and freeing. I did not know that traveling alone could be such an exhilerating experience. My natural resources kicked in traveling alone and it made me remember... OH YEA, I HAVE A LOT OF PRETTY COOL QUALITIES THAT MAKE ME UNIQUELY QUALIFIED TO TAKE THIS WORLD IN THE PALM OF MY HAND AND SUCCEED AT WHATEVER I WANT!! 

so, thanks for that. 

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