Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photos from The Blind Museum in Madrid


This is Yassar-- I met him on the street when I asked if he knew if I was able to go inside of this beautiful church.. which I could not. He did not understand why I would want to go into a church and I explained that churches are one of my favorite places to visit-- they are so beautiful to me. We immediately became friends and he asked if he could join me in my travel to the blind museum. We went together to explore but we decided to explore the museum with our eyes closed and so we guided eachother through the exhibits and took turns guessing what we were looking at. It was great. The experience of loosing your sight heightens all of your other senses and sure, I was there maybe 2 hours but it was very special. This is a museum that was totally empty and the people I met who I asked for directions did not even know it existed. I am so glad I got to go and to go with Yassar who was thirsty for life just like me. How lucky we are to meet new friends in the strangest of ways.

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