Wednesday, January 1, 2014


            (Yes, those are sequin pants) 

So... It is noon on Wednesday, New Year's Day and my flight to Madrid takes off in 5 hours. The apartment is a disaster my suitcase is approaching full although who knows what actually ended up In there? 

Nerves are weird... I hate getting nervous, although who doesn't? As I embark on a 3 week journey across the world to Africa and Spain I cannot help but have mixed feelings. I am thrilled and excited to explore and have an adventure. I am also excited to learn and grow through the course I will take in Ghana. I have so Much adventure bursting inside of me... But I'm also a creature of comfort and someone who gets nervous and anxious. 

I seem to be completely normal as I reflect on this post... I'm also a little cray-cray and finding any excuse to avoid finishing packing and cleaning this disaster of an apartment. 

Side note: I ate whip cream for breakfast and want to drown my nerves In a huge. Pizza and order of Chinese spareribs... So that's my plan.

Thanks for reading this weirdo post. Keeping it real. 

See you on the flip side


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